A Little League Mom with a Big League Idea

When my husband and I stepped-up to take on a kindergarten t-ball team, I never dreamed it would inspire me to design a product that I’m now launching into the marketplace.

We were your typical t-ball parents.  We signed our son up to play, but we were hoping to kick back with Starbucks in hand and cheer from the stands while some other parent did the thankless job of coaching.  When we found out however that there weren’t enough coaches and that kids weren’t going to get to play, we did what we had to do.  We took on 15 rambunctious boys who quickly became the quintessential all-American t-ball team, The Burbank Heroes.

From day one, the boys couldn’t keep track of anything.  They were always losing or misplacing their hats and equipment.  Parents cringed as water bottles and helmets were accidentally being shared.  Our dugout was a huge Petri dish.  I set out to find a solution but quickly discovered that there was nothing on the market quite like the product I was looking for.  I whipped out a sketch pad, my sewing machine and went to work making a prototype of what I called “The Dugout Hero.”

I’m so happy to have created a product that the coaches, parents and most importantly, the kids all love!